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Affiliate Marketing: What it is and How it works

We have realised that many of our clients ask us a common question, what is affiliate marketing, how it works, shall we implement this strategy in our blogs or website?

Well today, we finally decide to give specific explanation about it, hopefully this information will clarify some of our client`s doubts and yours too, helping to make the right decision whether or not use affiliate marketing.

Let`s explain, as simple as possible!

Do you have in mind those guys on the street selling discounted tickets for clubs?

Promoters or PR right? Yes that`s right!! They are getting commission for each sale, and you get a discount on your ticket. Affiliate Marketing works exactly in the same way.

Let`s suppose you are a hairdresser, and you recommend shampoo lotion, for example, from L`Oreal in your blog post, well, whenever your blog reader will be buying this product through your URL link, you will get a commission on the sales, as simple as that.

So, if L`Oreal is going to agree with you that you can “Market” their products on your blog or website, you will be given a URL link to use on the website in order to track the sales coming from your web page.

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When should you use Affiliate Marketing and in which business?

We suggest to use affiliate marketing to all those business with good website traffic, with a well presented blog and relevant presence on the web.

Affiliate Marketing seems to be easy to apply and to get result from, however, it is hard work for most of the time. Usually website visitors do not buy products at the first visit, so there is a big chance that you lose the potential customer, if you do not track them once they show interest in the item.

There are many ways to track and get a sale from a simple lead, and we will talk about it in the next post, most probably.

Last tips

Very important recommendation to all of you who are new in the field, be always honest with your customers.

Do not promote products only to get a commission on the sale, it is better to keep a loyal customer than lose one for a small sale commission.

We have tried to make it easy to understand, to all of you interested in Affiliate Marketing, we can help and suggest you the best strategy to use for your business, so get in touch with us.

Many thanks for reading and sharing.

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