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Content Marketing: How to bring value to your audience 2019

Hello everyone, in this new post we would like to give you some helpful tips, in order to improve your content marketing strategy for your company. Following this information, you will be able to develop a better content, engage and give value to your audience

Content marketing is all about give a great Value, this is the easy Key to succeed in your niche. In fact the more value you give, the more chance you will have to be viewed, expose, share and like by your audience.

So, let’s get into it;

What is Content Marketing?

Very quick explanation of Content Marketing: It is all FREE material created by a company for people interested in that field. It can be (infographics, video trainings, blog posts or anything else)

How Content Marketing influence marketing in your company?

Create valuable content it is the best FREE, and I repeat FREE advertisement for your company ever. Why is that? Well, think about that, If you give valuable content for FREE you generate engagement, customers will notice your knowledge and skills, and this will gain trust. When people trust you, they are keen to buy or get advice from your company instead of your competitors, and this means more sales. It is a chain; everything will contribute to increase your sales and your company marketing goals.

So, How do you create valuable content to your audience?

  1. Create a buyer persona, so you can target all people included in this range.
  2. Research what your buyer personal is looking for, information, entertainment, recommendations, products, and give the solution of their needs through your content.
  3. Create a story behind your content, storytelling is the best way to attract and engage your audience, you will need to stimulate “feelings” trough your content. People have feelings, their emotions will be the bridge between your content and their engagement. If you answer their question, or you make them smile, you are impacting feelings.
  4. Track your content, see how many people you reach and analyse the best strategy to adopt, so you can modify and adjust your campaign.
  5. Be always available to answer question whenever you will be asked one about your content.
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I suggest you follow and take inspiration from Hubspot Academy, here you can find FREE training and information about how to create valuable content, how to plan your strategy, how to engage with your audience and much more tips.

We hope this post will help to understand, why is important to create valuable content marketing, there are so many ways to do it and so many tools that can help to improve your knowledge and skills creating “fresh” content. If you need some free advice, you can leave a comment below or contact us by email, we are always happy to help.

Thanks for reading

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