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Why is LinkedIn best social B2B in 2020?

LinkedIn is excepted to be the best B2B social media in 2020, according to many marketing trends expertise.

Everyday the number of Linked in users are increasing, by now over 575 million professional have an account, spread across 200 countries all over the world.

How to use your Linkedin to build connections and opportunities?

First of all, before connecting with other users, make sure that you may provide value. Why should you provide value? Providing something helpful to another use will help to build transparency and trust.

It works in the same way of a friend relationship, but in professional way.

In-fact all users in Linkedin are looking for something valuable for their business, so they can share it or comment and find some new trends.

Staring with this engagement process, you will have more chance to get know professional people on LinkedIn interested in your business, discovery new opportunity and creating awareness of your brand.

Strategy fro Growing On LinkedIn by Gary Vee

How do you create something valuable on Linkedin?

You can find ideas of google, looking for news and trends in your particular field , create info-graphics or videos.

Also sharing most relevant news for your audience on your business account, it will engage more readers creating valuable information.

How to use LinkedIn to get find new potential business clients?

A fantastic advantage of LinkedIn, you can find all information about your prospect clients. Here is why so many company are investing in this social media platform.

Very important TIP:

The most important advice for beginners, do not send random request or messages to new potential clients. This is a common mistake that so many people do to engage with new clients, it`s very annoying and it won`t create any value or credibility.

Instead be real and use empathy when connecting to new people, try to understand before connecting with a accurate research if they might be interested in what your are offering. Always help your prospect creating value and with helpful information.

We hope this post will help to improve your skills and your connectivity using LinkedIn as a professional

Please let us know below, what kind challenges you are experiencing, so we may be able to help you with more tips. Thanks for reading.

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